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Tell us the story of how you first met. 

Edward and I met each other at a time in our lives when we were both a bit disillusioned with love. Our first date was coffee at Methos. We just immediately clicked and everything just seemed so natural between us. Conversation flowed and we immediately felt comfortable in each other’s company. I think we both just knew early on in the relationship that we would make our relationship permanent down the line! What can I say when love comes knocking at your door you run and answer. 


What really stood out when you decided to choose Oxbow as your wedding venue?

I saw photos on your website and I just immediately fell in love with it, so much so that we booked and  the paid deposit before we had even been to the venue. About three/four months later I went to the venue for the first time because we had to do the food tasting. I got there and I was blown away. It was even more beautiful than what I had seen in the pictures. I don’t know if there was something specific that stood out. I just loved the whole venue, the look, the feel... It just all works and we have not regretted for one moment choosing Oxbow as our venue.  

Oxbow Country Estate inside the venue

Oxbow venue decor

What was your inspiration for your colour scheme and decor? 

We didn’t really have a colour scheme. My favourite colour is duck egg blue so I decided the colours of my bridesmaids and flower girl dresses would be that colour. We got married in August and Oxbow has a different kind of beauty in winter but it is browner than green and for that reason I wanted colourful flowers. Our brief to our florist, Amanda Moolman, was to do whatever you want, use any  flowers you want as long as it’s colourful and big. She did not disappoint. I was in absolute awe. 

Can you take us on the journey of your wedding day? 

The morning of my wedding was surreal. After months of planning the day had finally arrived. My  mother and I had done everything in our power to make sure that this day would be perfect! Now we  just had to trust that all our service providers would come to the party. We however knew that Oxbows Mariette , the wedding co-ordinator was more than capable of pulling this day together - so we relaxed into the day! Because we spent the previous night at the venue there was no rush. Oxbow breakfasts are amazing and just what we needed to start the day! The make-up artist started early as there were many faces. Later the hairdresser joined us. The morning was spent on this - only stopped to enjoy the wonderful platters prepared by Oxbow for a light lunch! Then it was final touches and everybody dressed! How stunning everyone looked. Just before 16:00 my father arrived, very emotional moment, to take me down to the pavilion. Small problem though we could not proceed as the minister was 20 minutes late. Not even that upset my day. Then it was down the aisle to an instrumental version of 1000 years. Very beautiful. At the end was Edward, looking so handsome, waiting for me to become is wife. It was a moment of pure joy. After the ceremony we did the cake cutting and while our guests enjoyed cocktails, canapes and some delicious coffee from Mavericks, we did our photos in record time as light was fading and we had a reception to get to. The reception was incredible. Firstly Amanda Moolman”s flower arranging skills are off the chart and the flowers were just spectacular. People are still talking about those flowers. The band we hired, The Morning After, did not disappoint at all and added such flavour to our wedding. We will never regret booking them and they come highly recommended. The Food was perfect in every way. Oxbow truly knows what service delivery means. Our guests all had a really good time and danced the night away to the most amazing music. The venue closes at 24h00 so we booked the Boma until 02h00 for those who were not ready for bed yet! What a truly amazing day. One guest summed up our wedding as being so elegant but so relaxed! Exactly what we wanted - A PERFECT DAY 

Oxbow country estate August wedding

Wedding band oxbow country estate

What are some of your favourite pieces of advice you would like to share with other brides and grooms?

It would have to be what most people advise. Just enjoy it. We promised ourselves that on our wedding day we are not going to worry about anything, we are not going to upset ourselves if something doesn’t go right because most of the time there will be a solution. I can in all honesty say that my wedding day was the most relaxed day and I think it is because we made to choice to not let anything upset us and we had Mariette our wedding coordinator that also contributed to everything  going smoothly. Another thing, start planning well in advance because when you wipe your eyes out your wedding day is there and it’s those last minute arrangements that always causes stress. 

Oxbow wedding dress

Oxbow wedding decor signage inspiration

Oxbow menu design

Oxbow walking down the aisle

Wedding cake inspiration

Oxbow venue night shot

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