Real life winter wedding at Oxbow Country Estate

How and where did you meet each other? 

Both of us were waiters at a restaurant, Ginelli's. I first saw Hugo and he immediately stole my heart. Fortunately he felt the same, but only after some time.  Our full story is still available on our website, if you would like to read.

What was the first thing that impacted your decision to choose Oxbow as your venue? 

We saw Oxbow on Facebook where one of our friends was at a wedding there, but when we went to Oxbow for our first visit,  we couldn’t believe the view.  We decided there and then that this would be our venue!  Oh, and TJ, he showed us, spent a lot of time discussing our wedding and made us feel really at home.

Real life winter wedding at Oxbow Country Estate

What was the inspiration for your decor and color scheme? 

Because we chose to get married in winter we decided on warm colors like Maroon, Dark Blue & Gold. We both love "Rustic / Vintage" and so we asked LoveBeLoved, and they created the magic!

Winter wedding decor Oxbow Country Estate


Can you take us on a journey of your wedding day? 

From the moment we arrived on our wedding day everything was perfectly in place. TJ knew exactly what to do.  Our minds were put at ease and we were able to really enjoy our day, knowing that everything was in good hands.  Although we were both worried that it would be really cold, it was actually a really nice sunshiny day.  There were many mixed emotions, people laughing and crying together of joy and excitement.  The moment we saw each other before the pulpit, our hearts were filled with joy, happiness and love. It’s a feeling you cant really describe to anyone.  We were grateful that we could make a promise before our Heavenly Father as well as our family and friends who were their to witness this important occasion.  It was amazing to be able to take our wedding photos at Oxbow, which is probably the most beautiful venue.  I think our pictures will speak for themselves about this beautiful place. The food was heavenly, we ate hopelessly too much that evening!  Everything was just perfect we could just enjoy ourselves.  Thank you Oxbow team, you are the BEST!  WE will NEVER forget this day, you made it extra special!

Winter wedding at Oxbow Country Estate bridge photo

Any special advice or advice you can share with other Brides and grooms?

Don’t let the parents interfere too much. It's YOUR day, do what you love.

Do not worry about the course of the day, none of your guests know exactly how everything should look or be anyway. Drink champagne, take in as many memories as you can, & remind yourself regularly that it's your wedding day! Throughout the evening, look at each other and take special moments. The evening goes by before you know it. 

Winter wedding at Oxbow Country Estate

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