Real life wedding at Oxbow Country Estate 18 May 2018

How and where did you first meet each other?

We both have a love for the stars and the galaxy. It was thanks to this love and a couple of friends that we met at a Bushveld concert tour in 2013.  At the event Jaco and I got to know one another and one night on the farm in Marken, when the stars were at their brightest and not a cloud in the sky, Jaco invited me to go and look at the stars with him. After a “quick” (read 5-6 hours!) we started seeing more of each other and on the 18 May 2013 we officially became a couple.  

So essentially we’ve known each other for just over 5 years and our wedding date was chosen on our 5th anniversary.  Now we only have one date to remember! 

What made you choose Oxbow as your wedding venue?

The first thing that took our breaths away and honestly made us both tearful was the outside pavilion ceremony area.  I could just see myself walking down the circle staircase towards my dream wedding.  Even my dad got a bit overwhelmed.  We knew from the beginning that we really wanted to get married outside so when we saw Oxbow’s outside ceremony area, we were in love!  From the fairy tale garden pathway to the water’s edge and surrounding gardens and trees ending in the gorgeous white ceremony structure...everything was perfect! 

The second thing we really loved about Oxbow was that you get a fully inclusive package.  We both got the feeling that choosing to get married at Oxbow would mean that everything would go according to plan and that we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.  The go-getter coordinators and our first official meeting allowed us to calmly plan our wedding knowing that Oxbow was by our side. 

Bridesmaids walking down the aisle Oxbow Country Estate

What was the inspiration behind your décor and colour scheme?

Our wedding was truly the best and most perfect day.  We wanted our wedding to be a celebration! So, we decided to call our wedding #CoetzFees.  Our wedding was inspired by a boho-rustic theme with autumn inspiration for colour (Maroon, navy, yellow, rose gold and grey), the slightly cooler weather (soup shots as canapes, full suits and long-sleeved dresses) combined with textures of wood, cement and olive branches.  We both love handmade elements, so we couldn’t resist making most of the elements ourselves. Bianca’s dad built the most exquisite 3 x 3 m wooden feature wall for behind our main table as well as a sherry shot table as our seating plan. For our wedding favours, we gave each guest a handmade cactus from Ouma’s garden in cement pots that we made ourselves.  We also designed and created a hand painted welcome sign, all our invitations, menus and ceremony handout. We found that crafting the theme ourselves, made our day even more special and personal. 

wedding decor boho-chic Oxbow Country Estate


 Can you take us on a journey of the day of your wedding?

It was a cold Friday, 18 May 2018, on our 5th anniversary.  We both woke up with an abundance of childlike excitement – WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY! At this stage we both missed each other like crazy, because we decided to do the traditional thing and not see each the day before our wedding.  Luckily, we were both surrounded by our most important friends and family.

Jaco and all his friends from Paarl were filled with energy and decided to kick off the day before sunrise with a breakfast and mini road trip to Oxbow.  While Bianca and bridesmaids awoke to a stunning picture perfect morning at Oxbow dancing to “I’m getting married in the morning” with a delicious breakfast. 

We had meticulously planned every detail for 8 months and it was finally here.  The guest favours and menus were on the tables and the sign boards and sherry shots were in place. Our photographer arrived and we were ready for our big day.

Before I knew it my makeup had been done, the grooms tie had been straightened and the first guests welcomed.  My hands start prickling from stress and my dad had tears in his eyes when he first saw me. We started walking down the garden path to my anxiously awaiting groom.

“I love you always and forever” started to play and I looked at my groomsmen and they all started wiping away their tears.  The time had come and as I turned around to see Bianca for the first time, as I laid eyes on her, my eyes welled up. Bianca took my breath away. It was and remains one of the most special moments of our lives.  

The day was picture perfect (Our Pinterest fairy-tale wedding) Nothing is really perfect but to us, our day was.  In the wink of an eye we said yes, took a selfie, did speeches, had the most delicious food, danced till our cheeks glistened and soaked in 8 months of planning.  The day was also the first real winter’s day of 2018.  Our guests had a few icy shivers, but the love, soup shots, sherry, fireplaces and dancing kept everyone warm. We wanted to make sure that the guests wouldn’t be bored while we took photos, so we cut the cake early, packed out amazing lawn games and had a caricature artist drawing each guest.  They really loved that!

Our main goal with our wedding was to enjoy the day and take in every moment.  Our wedding wasn’t just one day, it was 8 months of excitement, planning, ideas and DIY.


Autumn Wedding decor at Oxbow Country Estate

Any special advice you’d like to share with other brides and grooms?

First and most importantly, this is your first wedding so stress is normal, but don’t worry because Oxbow and also other suppliers understand this.  They have done many weddings – THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! So keep calm and enjoy the ride.  

Secondly, we used some of the recommended suppliers from Oxbow and that allowed us to take things easy.  They understand the team at Oxbow, they know each other well and they know the area.   The décor team know what the venue looks like, the DJ knows the rules and most importantly the photographer knows exactly where the million dollar shots are!

We really enjoyed the wedding planning process and we would recommend to every couple to enjoy this time together.  Do everything, go to the expo’s, have a night out at the wedding tasting evening, go to wedding open days, enter competitions, just do it! It’s so much fun! 

You don’t always have to do the traditional way of doing things.  It’s your day, do it how you imagined it – even though some people will think it won’t work. We decided to take ‘n selfie after THE KISS, and most people thought it wouldn’t work, but it worked out perfectly. 

Real life wedding Oxbow Country Estate

Invest in a good photographer and definitely do a video.  We actually enjoyed the video way more that the photos because it was like reliving every moment again. 

Thank you, Oxbow, for all the wonderful memories that you were part of on our adventure to becoming husband and wife.  Our perfect story is thanks to God, family and friends and the unbelievable passion and enthusiasm of Oxbow.

Winter wedding Oxbow Country Estate

Thank you to Jaco and Bianca for sharing their wonderful day with us!

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Wedding Suppliers:

Venue: Oxbow Country Estate

Video: JCclick

Decor: Oopsie Daisy ~ Flowers & Decor

Makeup: Mars Makeup

Hair: Mars Makeup

Dress: Bridal Wardrobe

Dress: Enzoani

Naked Bulbs - Drapingworx

Cake - TJ's Cake Creations

Bride engagement ring, wedding ring and earrings - Beaudell Jewellery


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